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Greetings Traveller!

I am a London based 2D Illustrator with a keen mind for the weird and wonderful!
Here, in my corner of the studio, you'll find all things fantastical about creatures, characters and plants.

My inspiration comes from the many shelves of liturature that never seem to diminish. Classical stories, mythology and history, they're all there!

When I'm not frantically doodling monsters, you can find me reading, writing for the next RPG session, or picking up a new craft for the weekend!

Thanks for dropping by and remember not to poke a sleeping owlbear.

Concept Sketches

  • Rough lines, No colour/background.
  • £25 - Per Design, Single Perspective (Front)
  • £45 - Per Design, Double Perspective (Front + Back, or Side)
  • £70 - Per Design, Triple Perspective (Front, Back & Side)

Subject Artwork

  • One centrepiece. Minimal background detail.
  • £100 Per Subject (Sectional Piece & Colour)
  • £150 Per Subject (Whole Piece & Colour)
  • London, United Kingdom

Have a question? Please reach out! T&Cs given upon request.